UX, Digital & Social Media

I produce websites, digital experiences & social media.

  • I’ve delivered projects small to large across 14 years, worked with Virgin, Orange, NTL, Tesco & Vodafone, in a range of web business areas with a range of great people.
  • I’ve recently been managing UX, social media innovation and web at Cardiff University, working on projects as diverse as mobile apps, social media strategy and UI and CMS delivery. A 200,000 page website with 52m page views per annum is fun and exciting to work with.
  • From Nov 2013, I am working freelance, on my own projects and heading up SALT AND SUGAR.

  • I know Facebook and its eco-system, if you could call it that. My last Facebook Page experiment went viral, generating over 150,000 likes in 1 month.
  • I’m really interested in memes, viral content and tipping points. I try things outSometimes I do ok (formula for high retweets seems to be topical + funny x quick).  More frequently, it doesn’t happen. Everyone is learning how these things work (and anyone who claims to know for sure is probably to be avoided).
  • I’ve helped shape how UK universities use social media, with my team’s work at Cardiff University noted as innovative by agencies and other HEIs. Cardiff was 3rd only to Oxford and Cambridge in social media numbers during 2010/2011 and enjoys a higher Klout score than most UK universities. 2013 was a good year for accolade on projects.
  • I think Linked In is rubbish, but a necessary evil. Kind of like sink unblocker.

  • I’ve written about most aspects of digital life, from online dating through to how memes are killing jokes. Two of my submissions – both relating to language use in digital arena – have been featured on Mashable.com as stories here and here.
  • At NTL Group, I helped inform projects and papers on hacking, phishing, illegal content sharing and spamming. My analysis and commentary about the business & brand costs of spam email resulted in a ground breaking EU legal case.
  • I was responsible for ‘pre social media’ projects at Virgin that saw delivery of chat communities, user generated content and user-to-user community development.
  • My strengths are in digital branding and positioning, from logo and colour work to social media voice, content tone and user experience as part of brand. I’ve been lucky enough to work on improving some big brands for the digital age, but the smaller ones are most fun and afford freedom to innovate.

  • 2 year project to transform the 52m-page-view-a-year Cardiff University website, including a new CMS, branding, UI, IA, mobile apps and kitchen sink.
  • I’m into WordPress in a big way.
  • I run and promote a website for my own flash fiction. I’m compiling the most liked pieces into an ebook.
  • I dedicate a chunk of my time to helping transform old websites to new ones. Web 1.0 retirement is fun and rewarding, and small businesses benefit from my help.
  • I’ve started SALT AND SUGAR, a mini web agency, to work on new projects and services, collaborating with lot of interesting people.