The sound of your own voice

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Your own voice sounds weird when you hear a recording of it. It’s not just you. Why does it sound that way? Science.

My voice, to me, sounds slow and dumb, like it belongs to an ape that is trying to comprehend fire whilst toying with his testes. So when my best friend suggested I should record audio versions of my flash fiction, I immediately thought it was a stupid idea. Why would I take my finely crafted (read: often drunkenly scrawled) little mini stories and slather my Welsh cavebeast phonetics all over them? Embarrassing for me, annoying for those that might hear it. My biggest concern was it seemed a bit narcissistic, like those online bell-ends who use words like ‘ninja’ in their Twitter biog when they should be using the word ‘bell-end’.

So I went back and read more about the science of that ‘my voice is weird’ stuff, and I also asked lots of people if I had a ‘good’ voice. Long and short of this is, yes, I’ll be recording the entirety of ‘It Happens Once‘, my collection of flash fiction, as little MP3 files to listen to should anyone be so inclined.

In the least, 60 years from now, when I am worm food, my son’s future children will be able to have grandad read them a story. Even if my stories are about opium dens, alternate realities, homeless nihilist intellectuals, the beautiful accidents that created the universe and us, interstellar space travel, being born during a bombing raid and red jello. Hmm. Maybe it is time to write some bedtime stories for future munchkins.

If anyone out there has any experience recording podcasts, recording themselves reading, etc, I’d love to hear your experiences, practical or otherwise. And if any of my friends would like to talk me down from the idea, or stage a bell-end intervention, now’s the time.


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