‘If This Then That’ is your new best friend

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If This Then That is your new best friend.
http://ifttt.com gives you a point-and-click interface to do your social and Internet plumbing, connecting your services, from Facebook and Twitter through to raw RSS feeds, text messages, phone calls and more. It is literally a point-and-click interface into all of the APIs for services you know and love.

Here is somebody’s video about it, thankfully with no droning point-out-the-obvious narration:


  1. First, you teach it what your Channels are; which are your accounts, social channels, feeds, etc. that you’d like to be able to affect.
  2. Then, you build a Task – which is where the site’s title comes in; IF ‘this’ happens, then do ‘that’. An example task I have running is that if upload a casual camera phone pic to Facebook, IFTTT should immediately copy it to my Flickr account. And it is that easy.
  3. Lastly, you have Recipes, which are little recipes for good and useful tasks that IFTTT users have made public. We’ve got ‘Notify me by text if the weather forecast for my city is rain’, ‘Automatically tweet when I make a Google+ post’ through to ‘Auto-reply to new followers on Twitter with a thanks message’.
If This Then That

Send instructions to any of your channels

If you do one thing today as a UX or Social media enthusiast or professional, go and play with http://ifttt.com

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