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A terribly inappropriate cacophemism, as well as a 3m+ convention and burgoening ‘lol revenue’ content industry (puke), I write today about the ‘frape’, to be ‘fraped’, ‘frapeing’, ‘frapeage’ and derivatives thereof. I don’t condone the slang on any level (neither do the followers of this page, should you wish to show your support). It is, however, what people are calling the act of hijacking a friend’s Facebook status as a practical joke. Its a portmanteau of ‘Facebook’ and ‘rape”, you see. Lame.

‘Frape victims’ have usually left themselves logged into Facebook, or Twitter, or something similar, and one of their friends has written a comedy status, seemingly from them, to their friends or followers. This usually happens at parties, when someone will use a shared machine, and oh look, they’re still logged in. Boring pranksters go for the playground low-blows – ‘I am smelly’ through to ‘I can’t dance’. The more sophisticated frapesters change the birthday of the frape victim to the very next day, ensuring they wake from their hangover to not just the clanging of their own nerve endings, but to the odd well-wishings of 200+ people saying ‘Happy birthday!’ in that process-driven way we’ve become accustomed to.

Download the Mutual Agreement Of Non-Frape & Social Networking Truce contract (PDF)

Preview the Mutual Agreement Of Non-Frape & Social Networking Truce contract (JPG, not great for print)

I wrote this ‘Mutual agreement of social networking truce’ faux contract to see how far this kind of thing would travel. A group of friends can print it and sign it, ensuring whoever participated is safe from each other. Is it an actual legal contract? No, no, no. It is an attempt to pitch to ‘party people’ at a ‘party people’ level something that might reduce the stupidity.

After coverage on, and a range of other blogs, I wanted to clarify a few things. 1) People think it is an actual legal contract. 2) People are upset I used the word ‘frape’.  To address 1): The chances of this document standing up in court are about the same as finding a dragon and your grandmother falling out of its nose moments later. It is a social media version of a ‘roommate citation‘; it is kitsch nonsense created for a specific audience. The author (that’s me) takes no responsibility for the document or use of itWith regards to the term ‘frape’, yes, it is a terrible term, but it is what people who do it call it, there is no other term they use for it. Make no bones about it, this ship has sailed; 3m+ Google results for the term, masses of uses on Facebook itself here and here. The document is also targeted at the people who use the term, therefore uses their language, their vernacular. The document draws attention to the slang nature of the term too.



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